Parking in Prague is as difficult as in any other metropolis in the world. Parking on streets usually poses problems of a long searching for space. Prague is divided into several zones for parking on the streets:

  • Free parking zone (outlying districts) drivers obey by traffic signs, do not pay any fees

  • Blue Zone, is only intended for residents. It is marked with a blue stripe on the road and park here can only cars with a valid parking card. In any case, we do not recommend parking here. The controls are fairly common and fines high. In better case you will get "boot" on your car whel to prevent departure (device removes only the Police, the contact can be found glued to the car window). In the worst case, the car will be towed to the towing parking. You can check in the database of towing vehicles where your vehicle is.

  • Zones with parking meters - Both of the following areas are equipped with parking meters. For purchasing ticket you will need coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 CZK. On all parking meters you can find instruction manual.
    • green - with a maximum of six hours standing. Price 15 -30, - CZK for 1 hour.

    • orange - with a maximum of two hours parking. Price 40, - CZK per 1 hour



Garage Palladium

The largest parking garage in Prague 1 - non-stop parking with security is located under the popular Palladium shopping mall in Prague, in the heart of the city. This secure and extensive underground garage offers 900 parking spaces and have very easy access from the Revolucni street. Free places can be found quickly and easily using a light navigation system. The standard hourly fee for the first and second hour of parking is CZK 60. Parking for 24 hours costs CZK 1100,-. Long-term parking is for CZK 6.960,- per month. In the garage you can find manual car wash.

Garage National Theatre

Parking National Theatre is located near to river Vltava and costs CZK 50,- per hour. To persons with reduced mobility may be deducted 3 hours from the parking time. Monthly parking costs CZK 9.600,-.

Rudolfinum Parking Garage

In the Rudolfinum garages, which are located on the right bank of the Vltava river, close to the metro station and the Old Town near the Charles Bridge (tram 17 and 18) you will pay per hour parking CZK 60,- and per 24-hour parking CZK 660,-. Garages are running non-stop and have wheelchair access.

  • Address: Alsovo Nabrezi 12, Prague 1, +420 222 328 687

Garage Kotva

Garages Kotva are located in the basement of shopping mall Kotva and are open 24 hours a day. These secure underground garage is located opposite a shopping center Palladium. Parking costs in the period from 7.00 to 20.00 hours 50 CZK / hour, from 20.00 to 7.00 hours in the morning 30 CZK / hour. Parking fees are paid before departure, paid parking ticket is valid for 15 minutes, during which you have to leave the garage, otherwise you will be charged the next hour.

Parking Wilsonova and the Main Train Station

Non-stop parking Wilsonova is located 50 meters from Wenceslas Square. The fee for an hour parking is CZK 60,-. On the third floor of the garage at Central Station you will find car service with car wash. Garages and parking are monitored 24 hours with a security camera system.

Garage Centrum

One of the biggest parking houses you can find close to the Wenceslas Square. Located next to the State Opera and the Main Railway station. Garages are intended for both short and long term parking and are open non-stop. Parking prices: CZK 40,- per hour, day parking CZK 650,-.

Parking P + R

Parking P + R (park and ride) are designed for drivers who don´t want to drive into the city center, where are busy or expensive parking. To avoid of the long waiting often in heavy traffic use the Parking P + R wich are usually near metro stations or stations in the vicinity of Prague integrated transport or at train stations. Operating hours of parking: from 4 am until to about 1am (till last metro train). Parking Bechovice and Skalka II are unmanned and operated non-stop, with a maximum of 12 hours parking. The price for parking is 20 CZK / day. The parking ticket, which must be placed behind a car window, you can purchase in yellow machine on the parking, there you can also purchase a ticket for the public transport. When your not return on the same day you will pay a fee of CZK 100 + parking for two days which costs 140 CZK.

Addresses: Skalka I, II, Depo Hostivar, Opatov, Chodov, Bechovice, Cerný Most I, II, Rajska Zahrada, Palmovka, Ladvi, Radotin, Zlicin I, II, Nove Butovice and Nadrazi Holesovice..