The historic center of Prague is not as big as to require traveling by metro, tram or bus. Prague has its charm in walking, wandering in the beautiful picturesque streets among historic houses and buildings with modern architecture. If you´ll stay in the center, you may will not need to use neither taxi, metro, bus or tram. But If you´ll stay outside the city, we´ll recommend you how to easily get from the hotel to the city for little money. We will advise you easiest way to your accommodation after your arrival, if you´ll decided to use the public transport.


Of course you can use for traveling Prague taxis, but it is the most expensive option. And there are few things that are good to know, because the Prague taxi service has not the best reputation. Prague is not New York, you will in most cases unnecessary wave on taxi on the street, most of them dis unnoticed. Taxi services has their fixed places where you can hop into a taxi. Each taxi service has a different rate! We highly recommend you ask the taxi driver for approximate cost to the final destination in the prior. The best option is to order a taxi by phone or via the internet. If you're in the city and you can´t call, then it is best to seek for place marked "Taxi Fair". Also it´s not a problem to ask stuff in restaurants, bars and of course at the front desk of your hotel for ordering a taxi. The price limit for day is 28 CZK / km and at night 49 CZK / km. After boarding a taxi, make sure that the taximeter is switched on, and whether agree Starting rate which is listed on the door of the car. When paying ask for proof of payment!


Cheaper option and believe that really easy is to travel around Prague by using public transport. The subway network is easy to navigate, it consists of three routes, which are referred to as A-green, B-yellow, and C-red. Together goes about the 57 stations (3 interchange) connected by 60 km mainly underground railroad. In all stations are information boards, where you can easily read on which station you are and which is the next station and where the train goes and where it ends. On board is also indicated direction. Unfortunately, not all stations are accessible to passengers with reduced mobility (for details, see the In all stations are placed vending machines where you can buy tickets. Tickets are valid only if you marked them in the yellow machines placed always by the entrance to the station! Only after marking the ticket, you can go to the subway platform. You will need coins to purchase a ticket, you can´t use bill or credit card for payment in this machines.


You can also use easily tram or bus. You can enter to any doors, not only by doors for driver. Purchase the ticket before you enter the vehicle or ask driver for is ( ticket purchased by the driver is expensive for CZK 8,- and its necesary to have change).  As soon as you get into a vehicle mark your ticket in yellow machines to be valid! On the tram and bus stops are always schedules. On the timetable is always highlighted station where you are, and below shown other stops with the direction to the final station. Numbers indicated minutes from the current station to next one. Stops mentioned above the highlighted station are stops in the opposite direction, so if your target destination is above this station go to the platform in the opposite direction and use the same number of tram. Also, in every car you will find a map of stations, direction and final destination. Unfortunately, same as in subway, not all vehicles are suitable for passengers with reduced mobility. For more details please see 

Beware of pickpockets in public transport!