Public transport


Subway is open from 4am until 12:00pm. After midnight you can use night tram or night bus.

Fares for city's integrated public transport are:

Price [CZK]

Time validity

32 (40 *)

90 minutes


30 minutes


24 hours


72 hours

* = at drivers of city bus lines in the tariff zone P (price surcharge CZK 8,-)

How to use public transport for the way on/from the Prague Vaclav Havel Airport?

You can travel easily on or from Prague Airport by using subway and bus. Way from Prague Vaclav Havel Airport to the city centre takes about an hour. Outside the arrivals halls find bus stop for bus nr. 119. It runs every 15 minutes. Exit the bus at Nadrazi Veleslavin and change for subway (metro station Nadrazi Veleslavin - A - green line). Direction to the city centre Depo Hostivar. 

Don´t forget to buy a ticket at newspaper stand, stand of DPP in the airport halls or in yellow machines at the bus stop (in these yellow machines you can use only coins). For the oversize luggage you should buy additional ticket  in value CZK 16,-. If you purchase ticket for 24hours or 72hours your don´t need to buy extra ticket for a oversize luggage, one is already inclusive. 

Do not forget to mark your ticket in yellow machines immediately upon entering the bus. If you buy a ticket for 24 hours or 72 hours, mark it only once when you first enter the bus. Keep it all the time with you when use public transport. If you don´t carry the ticket with you or do not exceed the time limit, you would pay pentalty of CZK 700,-.

Use taxi If you have many luggages, or if you prefer a more comfortable traveling. A taxi station you can find right before the exit / entrance to the terminal building 1 and 2.

Way back from city centre to the Prague Vaclav Havel Airport is also easy. Use subway - A - green line and exit on the station Nadrazi Veleslavin. In the metro vestibule find exit Bus nr.119/Vaclav Havel Airport. Bus stop is right at the exit of the subway.  The bus will announce every stop and also terminal 1 and 2, so don´t be worry that you exit at wrong stop. If you exit the bus at the terminal 1 and your departure is from Terminal 2 you can´t panic, airport halls are interconnected and you pass them in a few minutes.

What is also good to know for traveling in Prague?

It seems that you can use public transportation for free and you can´t buy a ticket, but anytime you can be check by ticket inspector (they don´t use uniforms, but common clothes) for valid ticket. If you don´t have ticket, or you don´t marked the ticket in yellow machines before entrance, or the ticket is not valid due to time, ticket inspector can penalize you on site.

Beware of pickpockets at the public transport!