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Do you prefer busy cities or calm coves, comfortable luxury hotels or economical private accommodation, active holidays or restful vacations?

These pages are designed for those who like to travel. We have traveled to many countries and have seen many beautiful places across the continents. We´ve always found the best of them by listening to locals´ recommendations. We came to the conclusion that everyone likes to travel in a different way. 

We love traveling to new places to enjoy cultural activities and sporting events, to experiance traditional customs and taste the local cuisine, but we are always happy to return home to the Czech Republic. Our country is small but magnificent in its beauty. It is picturesque, intimate, romantic and full of historical sites and attractions. It can be difficult and time consuming to find them on your own so we will recommend the best ones to you. We will propose a program for your stay that accurately meets your wishes and requirements. So you can cast the endless web browsing aside.

Just fill in a simple questionnaire and we will contact you within 24 hours with a specific quote for your stay; including pricing for accommodation, additional services and transportation. You can also specify requirements for flight tickets which we will coordinate with our partner organizations. You will then collect the envelope with all the documents for your ordered services at the reception of your first hotel. We will be available throughout the entirety of your trip to assist with anything you need.

We look forward to seeing you in the Czech Republic soon !

Warmest regards, Anna and Zdena.

What would you like to see in the Czech Republic?



Exotika na Maledivách

Exotika na Maledivách

Nikdy nebyly Maledivy tak dostupné jako nyní. Levné letenky nejvyhlášenějších leteckých dopravců zlevnily pobyty na exotických Maledivách. Zašle... Read more