For centuries, Prague has been regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a city with a large number of valuable historical monuments. Because of this, Prague has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Prague - Mother of the Cities, is a romantic, hundred spires, simply enchanting place.

After the end of the communist regime in 1989, Prague experienced unprecedented cultural and economic expansion. Most buildings and historical sites in Prague returned to their former beauty and original appearance. Prague is the heart of Europe and thanks to its scenery, historic spirit and its ability to quickly adapt to the mentality of foreign tourists it attracts millions of visitors a year.

Prague is ideal for a prolonged weekend. The best time to visit is the month of May or beginning of June, when temperatures are favorable and the city is less full of tourists. In the summer there may be higher temperatures of around 30 degrees and bigger crowds, nevertheless you will still have a great time. You can´t go wrong if you come to Prague to enjoy fall when the parks play all the colors of autumn. The city is also charming under a blanket of snow,  which enhances its romantic corners and historic skyline. Winter also brings Christmas markets with  festive decoration in the streets and shops.

Prague is perfect for people of all ages. Enjoy the romance, good food, exciting nightlife, cheap shopping and family friendly activities. Prague has thousands of faces and we will help you choose the one that suits you the best.

You can find Prague accomodation offers for apartments, hotels and private homes here:

Each type of accommodation provides a range of services, but each has something unique unto itself. While hotels offer standard services, including accommodation and breakfast, apartments offer you more privacy, bigger space and the freedom to prepare snacks throughout the day. Both accommodation variants are located directly in the city center in beautiful buildings with historical structural elements. The cheapest accommodation options are in private buildings through sites such as They are found in areas easily accessible by public transportation so the city center can be reached quickly.

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