Wine region of Moravia


If you are a wine lover, Lednice is definitely the right place for you. It is certainly also great for the lovers of monuments, nature and good mood. The place often holds dulcimer festivals, a celebration of the unique regional music instrument. In the Wine Salon you can sample wines according to your taste for a small fee. You can also arrange a private wine cellar where you can sit with your friends over good food listening to local music. You can ride a bike in the castle park and its surroundings and, believe us when we say, you will never be tired of riding up the hills there. The local park is perfect for riding and on your wanderings you may discover countless cellars, where you can refresh yourself with sausages, cheese, bacon or smoked meat. Of course, all served with wine or local plum brandy, a typical custom enjoyed by locals with friends. In the month of September when the wines mature, you can enjoy the taste of young wine for which visitors come here from all over Bohemia. They say that to detox the body one should drink as many young wines a year as how many liters of blood he has. We do not know if this is a true, but you may certainly come to try.

Lednice-Valtice have been World Heritage Sites since 1996. This region was formerly known as "Lednice and its gardens" and nowadays the historians propose a new official name of the dominant village - "Fabulous Lednice". Either name fits as majestic castles are surrounded by extensive gardens. Perfectly cut lawns are covered in flowers and undulating acres of golden fields transform slowly into green forests. The romantic landscape is adorned with ponds, whose shimmering surfaces are covered with water lilies. Along marked paths stand many magnificent buildings created hand in hand with nature by Lichtensteins.

Lednice lies in a depression surrounded by a number of ponds and the river Dyje. The dominant landmark of Lednice is the beautiful castle, renovated to its present form with great sense and, believe us, it will captivate you with its beauty. It is surrounded by a park with a Minaret and Janohrad. There you can visit the aquarium Malawi, or bird show. Lednice castle, as it looks today and how it looked when it was inscribed to the UNESCO list in 1996, served as a "cottage" to the Lichtensteins. It was mostly used in the summer, but this did not prevent them from building interior heating, luxury bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and ballrooms. Ground floor rooms served as ceremonial halls where guests and friends were invited. The first floor was arranged for normal occupancy while the second floor was the kingdom for their children.

Lookout Minaret is located in the Lednice park about 2 km north from the castle. There are two routes leading to it around the castle pond with the remains of aquaducts on one of the routes. You can get there by foot, on a boat down the Dyje River or in a horse carriage via dusty roads. Minaret is nearly 60 meters high and 302 steps leads to the upper walkway. From the top you will see the park, the hills, the White Carpathians and even the top of the tower St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. Interestingly, the floors and walls are decorated with Moorish drawings and inscriptions. There's even a storehouse of oriental items, which were imported from distant journeys of Liechtensteinians.

Valtice. The dominant feature in Valtice is the Baroque chateau with a chapel and the Church of Nanebevzetí Panny Marie. The village is proudly called the "Capital City of the Wine". It is the seat of the National Wine Centre, which operates a public tasting exposition of the Wine Salon Czech Republic. In the vicinity of Valtice there are two public buildings of the Lednice-Valtice area which are the Colonnade Reistna and Rendez-vous. Towards the north there is the red route leading to the Lednice and the blue route leading to the Hraniční zámeček. If Lichtenstein used the castle Lednice as their "holiday cottage" then the Valtice castle served as the "family house". The four-winged building has one hundred majestic rooms. Nowadays the tour of the baroque residence, the surrounding park and nice wine bars in the area takes one afternoon. Its Baroque and Rococo furnishings paint an accurate picture of ​​how the wealthy aristocrats from the 17th and 18th centuries lived.

Come with us to taste the beauty of Moravia. Send us a tentative order, and we will arrange an unforgettable trip to the Lednice-Valtice area. After sending the binding order we will send the specifics for pricing of transportation, accommodation, catering and on request we can arrange guided tours or order cellars with wine tasting.

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