Where to go when you're tired of the crowded city center? Prague don´t offer only shopping centers, restaurants, pubs, night life, but also relax in silence parks in the city center. Park Letna, Stromovka or Landronka will help you to recharge your forces for discovering the beauty of Prague. These parks are open free of charge, there´s no entrance fee. You can find here bicycle paths and trails for in-line skates, in-line skates and bikes can be often rented on site. There are also food stalls and toilets.

You can also find plenty of relax areas along the riverside. For example, Yellow Spa, where are bars, restaurants, an artificial beach, sport playgrounds for example for beach volleyball. Here is an entry fee.

Definetely one of the nicest walk is around the Prague ZOO.  Prague Zoo has been one of the most beautiful in Europe for a long time. Is located near the park Stromovka, on the opposite bank of the river Vltava. Beautiful walk is If you walk through park Stromovka across footbridge over the River Vltava to the bottom entrance of Zoological Gardens. Walk the Prague ZOO is a day trip. We recommend you to really dedicate the whole day for this trip not only a few hours. Here is an entry fee.

Zlute Lazne

Natural area with a total capacity of about 8000 visitors, placed on the bank of the Vltava River. Covering an area three and a half hectares for versatile sports, fun and relaxation. You can find there also bars, pubs and spacious restaurant with outdoor seating on the terrace overlooking the river. You can rent scooters, roller skates, boats, bikes, longboards and many other sports equipment here. You can play here pétanque or table tennis. Also there is a beautiful children's playground with paddling pool. You can even rent a court for ball games. After sports activities you can use sanitary facilities. Yellow Spa can be reached from the center by tram nr. 21, 16, 17, 3 - tram stop Dvorce. Or you can go there by car. There is a spacious parking area. 

  • Address: Podolske Nabrezi 3/1184, 140 00 Prague 4 - Podoli, Phone nr.: +420 244 462 193, +420 777 409 009
  • Recommended restaurants on site or nearby - restaurant Podolka


Just come here and relax in sunny days under the blooming cherry trees. Steep slopes can be climb by foot, but also by cable car. The lower lift station is placed in the street Na Ujezde. Ticket for cable car you can purchase directly at the station for the same price as in the public transport. In the middle station you can find popular garden restaurant Nebozizek. On the upper station is the Petrin Tower, which is a miniature of the Eiffel Tower. If you climb 299 stairs, you can made the best photos of the city. Near the tower is a mirror labyrinth, which is definetely not only fun attractions for childrens. You can walk from Petrin Tower to the beautiful rose gardens with fountains, ponds and waterfalls. You can also visit the local observatory there.

  • Recommended restaurants in the area: Kolkovna Olympia - Vitezna 7, Cantina - Ujezd ​​38, Café Lounge - Plaska 615/8


Kampa is an artificial island, separated from the Lesser Town by the river Certovka. It existed due to construction of the mill-race. Even today you can see the Mill wheels here. The island has the form of an English park with walkways on both sides. Kampa Island is nicknamed the Venice of Prague. Although there aren´t gondola trips, Kampa will offer breathtaking views of the Vltava River and Charles Bridge at any time of the day and evening. On the island you will find Kampa Museum, a restored old mill. In the newly created modern gallery you can see masterpieces by Frantisek Kupka and Otto Gutfreund.

  • Address: Kampa Island, Prague 1
  • Recommended restaurants in the area: Kolkovna Olympia - Vitezna 7

Wallenstein Garden

Place of the Lesser Town that should not be missed by any lover of architecture and sculpture. Garden boasts by carefully and regularly trimming vegetation in the Italian Renaissance style. Due to statues of figures from Greek mythology, a pond, an aviary with peacocks and artificial stalactite caves with wall forms is the wonderful place to relax. Garden is close to the metro station Malostranska. For the public is open from April to October. Sala Terrena, a part of the garden is a frequent venue for classical music concerts and theater performances.

  • Recommended restaurants nearby: Lvi Dvur, U Zavesenyho Kafe

Castle and Palace Gardens

On the southern slopes of Prague Castle are located five gardens. All of these gardens are interconnected and terraced. The result is a truly breathtaking complex carefully and regularly maintained artificially shaped gardens, which together create a unique harmonious spectacle. You can relax on benches with an unforgettable view not only on romantically colored roofs of Mala Strana, but with the whole panorama of the city. In the evening, gardens often hosts classical music concerts. The gardens are accessible from the top of the Prague Castle and also from the bottom of the street.

  • Recommended restaurants in the area: Lion's Court, U Zavěšenýho coffee

Slavonic Island

Slavonic Island on the Vltava River, is located just a short walk from the National Theatre and is not a typical park. But it is definitely a wonderful place to relax, ideal for romantic walks or pleasant afternoon. Dominant feature of the island is a Neo-Renaissance building Zofin, which hosts important cultural events. There is also a public playground great for childrens and for refreshment restaurant Zofin Garden with outdoor terrace open in good weather with a beautiful view of the exhibition gallery Manes and Dancing House. Only 1 km far from here you will find the renowned vegetarian restaurant Lehka Hlava (Light head - Boršov 2, Old Town). During the summer you can also rent a boat here and view beauty of Prague from the Vltava river.

  • Address: Slavonic Island, Prague 1


Landronka is one of Prague's most famous homestead, located in a large park. In its vicinity is an attractive view of newly built Motol hillsides. Ladronka Park is modern renovated and serves to pedestrians, cyclists and mainly to skaters. In-line skates are also available for hire here. The park hosts various cultural events. Beside of homestead was established beach volleyball court and playground for petanque.

  • Address: Tomanova 1028/1
  • Restaurant on site or nearby: Gourment Restaurant Landronka, Strahov Monastery Brewery


An interesting and tranquil place to spend free time and relax. Letna lying on the left bank of the Vltava river on the hill and providing a beautiful view on Prague. The dominant feature of the park is a giant metronome symbolizing the passage of time which is located on the southern side. Asphalt roads serves to skaters, bikers or skateboarders. Right from the metronome you can refresh in Hanavsky pavilion, here is also nice view of the river and its bridges. You can find there a Beer Garden and in the Letensky Lodge luxury restaurant Belcredi. At Letna is also placed the largest football stadium in Prague, which usually hosts international matches of Czech National football team. At the eastern end of the park you can visit the Technical Museum with full of interesting technical exhibits - cars, airplanes, locomotives, which is definitely worth to see.

  • Address: Letna, Prague 7
  • Recommended restaurants on site or nearby: 500 restaurant-five hundred


Stromovka Park is the largest park in Prague. Located close to the Prague Exhibition, where you can find the "gem" of Prague Art Nouveau architecture called the Industrial Palace. Stromovka itself was in the past used as a royal deer park. Stromovka is an ideal place to walk and relax from the busy city. It is full of trees, well maintained lawns, paths for bicycles, roller skates, ponds, several cafes ( but unfortunately with poor level) and stable. 

  • Address: Stromovka, Prague 7
  • Recommended restaurants on site or nearby: Kidó bistro, 500 restaurant-five hundred


Vysehrad is a large park with the remains of old historical fortifications which you can find on the rock on the right bank of the Vltava river. From the top of the rock is beautiful view of the city and river Vltava. It is one of the most beautiful natural scenic point in Prague. Unique Vysehrad Cemetery blends harmoniously into the site with a magical atmosphere. The last resting place have found here nearly 600 personalities of Czech culture and education. Park provides visitors with one of the most beautiful panoramas of old Europe, with quiet and relaxing stops, encourages positive attitude to cultural and spiritual issues.

  • Address: Stulcova, Prague 4
  • Recommended restaurants: Potrefena Husa, Na Slupi 2102 / 2b


Just a few minutes from the center you will find an escape from rush of the busy city in Prague Zoo. In the world's seventh largest zoo live about 5000 animals of 650 species. If you want to get to the zoo a little differently than usual, try to to go by steamer. Cruise take in about 75 minutes from city centre and you can watch Prague romantic embankment from the river. From 1 May to 12 September steamer sails every day, from 27 March to 30 April and from 13 September until 31 October steamer sails only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, starts always at 9:00am till 3:00pm. In the Zoo you can visit the local popular attraction - the cable car, which is open from March to October. The fare is very cheap and the ride will help you comfotably defeat hilly terrain. In Prague Zoo neighbourhood you can find beautiful Troja Castle, and if you are lovers of flowers, don´t miss to visit the Botanical Garden.

  • Address: Rasinovo Nabrezi, +420 224 931 013, +420 224 930 017,
  • Recommended restaurants: Svata Klara