What to do in Prague when it's raining

Are you just visiting Prague and it is raining all day long? Don’t worry! There are a lot of interesting things to do in Prague during rainy day! From exploring culture in museums and galleries to having fun with activities like indoor surfing and escape rooms.


First thing worth visiting is Prague National Museum (the main historical building), which had been re-opened after 7 years of reconstruction. Here you can find a large collection of exhibits of the nature, culture and history of Czech Republic. It is the local symbol of culture, science and education.

Next thing you should visit is Prague Municipal library, here you can find an installation called Idiom- high tunnel made of books and when you look inside, you will see never ending hole because of mirrors on each side, that make the space deep and high at the same time.

Another cool experience might be a bit alternative theatres and museums like DOX, Vnitroblock, Jatka 78 and MeetFactory.


Prague is full of great swimming pools and aqua parks! The biggest one is Aquapalace located just outside of Prague’s borders. If you are interested in having fun in water you will love the recently opened Surf Arena located in Letňany. Prague’s first surfing simulator.

But if you are not really into getting wet, we have a great tip for you. Escape games! In this game you have to escape from one or more rooms at a certain time. To accomplish this task, you have to find the clues and secret chambers, hack and open the strongboxes, decode the messages and solve riddles and puzzles that will show you the way out. For better authenticity, many escape games are thematic and relate to a story, historical event, or a character from film or literature. Unique atmosphere created by latest technologies like Virtual reality, interactive systems and other SMART elements. Well escape games can be found in almost every larger city, but if you want to try the best escape games, visit Questerland.cz