Dutch boat along the canals

By boat along the Dutch canals

This trip is perfect as for Marines so for landsmen, even for non-swimmers. You don´t need the captain's exam. After a short training you can easily control the boat and "wear a striped shirt, buy captain's hat" and go after the romantic canals of the Dutch countryside. Quiet river meanders leading from one picturesque town to another will not seasick you, and if you take along a bike or rollerblades you will enjoy also your stay out of the boat. So just pick a crew with which you will not jeopardize the cabin fever and go!

Location: Netherlands
Deadline: May-September
Duration: 7 days
Accommodation: aboard
Number of persons: 4-12
Difficulty: ˙˙
Transportation: according to the client (your own or bus), ship
Ordering: 12 weeks before the event